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christomg's Journal

Christ, OMG!
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Some people think that Jesus Christ has no purpose or relevance in the lives of today's youth. However, Our Mighty God would beg to differ! That's why we have Christ, OMG! This is a place where young people (and even those "young at heart" can kick back and share our mutual love and respect for our Savior. Share your passion about the Lord at Christ, OMG!

This community is open to all who wish to share in "hip", but respectful discussion about Christianity and the awesomeness that is Jesus Christ--and how we live our everyday lives under his glory. But please, don't be hating on each other or on Jesus, because that has no place here. Jesus knew how to have a good time, but he always taught that the best times are those that we share with love.

We look forward to sharing your thoughts and experiences about Our Mighty God--Christ, OMG!

Contact the community maintainer with any questions or concerns... lovemysavior :)