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Mar. 19th, 2005 @ 02:10 pm Verses
I'm trying to design the landscaping for a prayer garden. I need verses about the following. if you can help please do. thank you

1. anything to do with gardening (like an analigy from the bible that used gardens, flowers, seeds, etc.)
2. something about living water.
3. the story of the sower.
4. something about remembering loved ones who are gone, or something about losing people we care about.
5. forgiveness from God.
5. thanksgiving (thanking God for our blessings)
6. asking God for help (prayer request)
7. praising His name.
8. something about living for him cuz he died for us, or being a living sacrifice.

If you have any poems or testimonies, regarding God or Jesus, you can also give those to me and i will either put a quote from them, or the entire poem, somewhere in the garden.

thank you so much!
Praying you through